eBellz Arts
$25.00 - $26.00

Polymer Dangles

I'm expanding my polymer clay skills - try out a pair!

1. Red Flora Dangle: 3-tiered floral-stamped medallions in a joyful red and gold that pops! One-sided design, 1.5 x 4.5" ear wire to bead bottom

2. Spring Flora Dangle:
These painted ovals are reminiscent of mini stepping stones in a Spring garden. So cute! One-sided design, 1 x 4"

3. White Flora Dangle:
White floral-stamped ovals with abstract middle piece 1.125 x 4"

4. Nu Blu Mod Dangle:
Funky 3-tiered tricolor post earring with black and gold hardware
1 x 2.25"